Newly or nearly engaged? Do you know whether a lab-grown or natural diamond engagement ring is right for you? Read on as we explore this hot debate!

Finding the love of my life felt like the biggest and scariest decision I would ever have to make. What was I even looking for? Did he need to be tall and handsome? Shy or outgoing? Must he love dogs? For years, I hoped the cliché would be right—that I’d meet him and “just know.”

But even as a teenager, I was a planner. I knew I didn’t want to be swept away by emotion and make a decision that could tarnish my future. I made a list of “musts” and “must-nots” for my hypothetical husband.

As I got to know my would-be husband, I felt the butterflies, and that’s when I checked my list. He met all my “musts,” and I knew I had found the one! This year, we’ll be celebrating fourteen years together.

Choosing your spouse is undoubtedly the first and most important wedding decision you’ll make, but the decisions don’t slow down after that first “yes!”

At Siena & Co. Events, we aim to take the pressure off wedding planning so you can enjoy the special engagement season. Let’s start by talking about the second decision you or your partner will have to make: finding the perfect token of everlasting love, the engagement ring!

Let us help you think through your list of “musts” and “must-nots” of your engagement ring. When you come across “the one” in a bridal jewelry store, you’ll know it in a heartbeat!

Choosing Your Style

Before you decide whether lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds are right for you, you’ll want to have an idea of your style preferences. Much like your wedding dress, your engagement ring style will rely heavily on personal taste. Today’s engagement ring market is abundant in choices. Whether you love the vintage look or the newest trends, rose gold or white, flashy or simple… the Nashville market has it all. We recommend shopping in person first to try on rings so you can see what style you connect with.

While personal style will be a guiding principle in choosing your lab-grown or natural diamond engagement ring, don’t head to the store yet! Familiarize yourself with these other considerations before proclaiming “I do” to your everlasting bling.

Choosing Your Diamond: Natural or Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

At the risk of sounding like the elder millennial I am, I’ll be honest: back in my day… the question of lab-grown or natural diamond engagement rings was only just starting to make waves. In today’s market, it’s a whole new world. In fact, I’m a bit jealous of all those getting to make this radical choice!

Not to say a lab-grown diamond is the choice I would have made, but having more options is great news for today’s diamond shoppers.  

Diamond comparison will involve three major considerations: values, budget, and the expected lifespan of your ring.

Values of Lab-Grown or Natural Engagement Ring, Which is the Ethical Choice?

You’ve almost undoubtedly been told that lab-grown diamonds are the more ethical choice. What does this mean? It means that lab-grown diamonds are created relatively quickly using high pressure in, well, a lab, where the earth remains undisturbed. Natural diamonds are made over a long period of time, deep underground, and must be sourced through mining. This has environmental and ethical implications.

However, many natural diamonds are now considered ethically sourced thanks to global humanitarian efforts. When looking at one of my favorite online jewelry stores, Ring Concierge, it’s easy to find their stance on sustainable jewelry. Ring Concierge not only offers lab-grown diamonds, but also proudly demonstrates their commitment to exclusively providing conflict-free natural diamonds.

Now that we’ve covered ethics, let’s talk about aesthetics. Lab-grown diamonds have the advantage of receiving a higher clarity grade than natural diamonds because they are created in a controlled environment.

But are inclusions so bad? Keep in mind, a natural diamond without inclusions is incredibly rare. Often, inclusions can be so minuscule they don’t affect a natural diamond’s overall appearance. Additionally, some may find the uniqueness of the inclusions in their personal diamond to be a value-add. After all, no love story is perfect, and yet it is beautiful. How fitting that your ring reflects that truth?

Budget of Lab-grown or Natural Engagement Ring, Which is the Better Value?

One of the lab-grown diamond’s biggest advantages is getting more bling for your buck. When comparing apples to apples, or pear-cut to pear-cut, you will spend less on a lab-grown diamond than on its near-twin natural diamond.

But let’s circle back to those inclusions we talked about. When you go to a reputable jeweler (Siena & Co. Events can tell you exactly who that is in Nashville!), they will tell you to choose your diamonds based on the four Cs; Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. Natural diamonds are as unique as your love story. There are many ways to alter your personal diamond to fit within your budget.

Lifespan of Lab-Grown or Natural Engagement Ring, Which has Better Longevity?

We can’t mention the budget without also considering your long-term plan for your engagement ring. You might know it’s the right time to get hitched, but want to put your money into something more immediately necessary, like a down payment on a house. Perhaps you’ll consider a modest engagement ring with a plan to upgrade in the future.

You may decide on a lab-grown diamond to save money upfront. You know that your career path will allow for more “wiggle room” in the future. Conversely, you may consider a natural diamond as it is more likely to hold its value over time. You might see the diamond as an investment. You could trade in a natural diamond when it’s time for the upgrade!

Choosing Your Vendor

After you’ve determined the musts and must-nots of your ring, the final step is to choose your vendor! Whether you’re seeking luxury engagement rings or sustainable jewelry, there is a vendor out there that is right for you. For those in the Nashville area, contact us for our best local recommendations. For the online shopper, I can’t recommend Ring Concierge enough. They offer a wide variety of bespoke sets in lab-grown and ethically sourced natural diamonds. They even have a tool for designing your very own ring!

Next Steps

You’ve got the soulmate and you’ve chosen a lab-grown or natural diamond engagement ring… what next? Does the thought of every last to-do overwhelm you? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. We’re ready to share our expertise for planning your perfect wedding day. Contact Siena & Co. Events to see how we can take your dreams for your special day and turn them into a reality.  

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