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Discover Siena & Co.’s Bespoke Approach

Franklin, TN – January 1st, 2024 – Siena & Co. Events, a wedding planning company specializing in crafting bespoke weddings and celebrations, is excited to announce its official launch. With a mission to bring effortless luxury and breathtaking elegance to every event, Siena & Co. promises to transform ordinary occasions into exquisite, memorable experiences.

Founded by Joanna Lewis, a wedding planner known for her elegant and thoughtful approach, Siena & Co. caters to clients in Nashville, TN, and destinations around the world. “We are passionate about creating events that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients,” says Joanna. “Our goal is to ensure every client revels in the joy of their special day, knowing every detail is handled with precision and care.”

The company, inspired by the tranquil beauty and rich cultural heritage of Siena, Italy, aims to bring a similar level of sophistication and serene elegance to its events. Joanna comments, “Our approach to event planning is deeply influenced by the unique charm and elegance that is characteristic of Tuscany. We are committed to weaving these traits into every celebration we design, making each event an unforgettable occasion.”

Wedding Planning Services

Siena & Co.’s services range from full-service wedding planning to elopements and destinations weddings, offering tailored solutions to fit the unique needs of each client. Their commitment to providing an unparalleled experience is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to simplicity and perfection.

Redefining Elegant Event Experiences

The launch of Siena & Co. marks a new chapter in the luxury wedding planning industry. With a blend of classic style and modern sophistication, the company is set to elevate the standards of elegant celebrations. “At Siena & Co., we believe in the power of moments,” Joanna remarks. “Our team is committed to turning those moments into lasting memories for our clients and their guests.”

For more information about Siena & Co. and its services, please visit or contact Joanna Lewis at 651.271.0989 or

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I'm Joanna Lewis, founder of Siena & Co., a Nashville, TN-based wedding and event planner committed to creating luxurious, simple, and joyful celebrations with a touch of bespoke elegance. With over fifteen years of experience, my passion is to infuse authenticity and beauty into every event, celebrating the meaningful moments.


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